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Ohio for Jesus is a 10-year strategic plan for the Ohio Ministry Network. James 2 reminds us that faith and action together are one powerful force. Ohio for Jesus is the encouraging story of God’s Spirit uniting the hearts of believers who discovered their steps of faith and action were coming into alignment in such a miraculous way that no man or woman could take the credit.

After hearing about the prayerful development and implementation of a 10-year strategic plan by the Tanzanian Assemblies of God, Ohio sent a delegation of leaders to observe first-hand what God can do when a group of churches and leaders unite to impact their communities with the gospel of Jesus. Simultaneously, the Ohio Ministry Network leadership was engaging with a consultant named Mike Messner to lead the presbyters and ministry directors on a strategy and vision journey.

Through this and a series of other remarkable events, God has positioned Ohio to develop and engage with its own strategic plan in an initiative dubbed Ohio for Jesus.

If you would like to no more.

Click on the link:  Ohio For Jesus